Screening Locations

Kulturfabrik Meda, Mittelherwigsdorf

Hainewalder Str. 35
02763 Mittelherwigsdorf

For over twenty years the "Cultural Factory" (Kulturfabrik) Meda in Mittelherwigsdorf has stood for sociocultural activity, film, art and living in community. Originally, the residents of the former noodle factory, built in 1907, began to show art-house films which otherwise played 100km away in Dresden. The ground floor of the Kulturfabrik is now a multipurpose space for film and other events, with foyer and snack bar; here volunteers open the doors for concerts, dance, theater, exhibitions, debates, celebrations, workshops - and above all for cinema. The rooms have been made handicapped-accessible, and guest rooms designed by artists have been created. A diverse program and warm, sincere atmosphere attract people from the surrounding village(s) and region as well as internationally.