NFF 2022: Call for entries

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This year's Neisse Film Festival has just come to a close. Preparations and planning for the 19th Neisse Film Festival in the German-Polish-Czech border region, scheduled for May 17-22, 2022, are already beginning. The festival organizers at the Kunstbauerkino in Grosshennersdorf are looking for competition entries in the categories of feature film, short film and documentary, beginning immediately. A total of eleven Neisse Fish awards and approximately 23,000 Euros in award money await the winners in 2022. In addition to the best films in each category and the audience favorites, awards will for example be given for best acting, best screenplay and best production design. A special prize will also be granted one film selected from the entire festival program for a film which is dedicated to the relationship between the neighbors Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Films produced in 2021 and 2022, and produced or co-produced in at least one of the three neighboring countries (Czech Republic, Germany, Poland), are eligible for entry into the competition at the 19th Neisse Film Festival. The final date for all submissions is December 31, 2021. Films will be selected by mid-April 2022.


Europe Lived in the Tri-Country Region on the Neisse River: The Neisse Film Festival has been presenting current feature films, documentaries and short films each May in the three-country-region including Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic since 2004. What began with the idea of showing films in three countries has developed into a cultural "bridge" for film fans and arthouse cinemas from these neighbour countries, and has become an important meeting point for national and international film-makers and representatives of the film business. The program takes a look at (inter-)relationships between the peoples of eastern Europe and at their cinematic treatment of the past and present. It has become tradition that the program draws from all three countries and more, offering three competitions and various thematic film series as well as events such as concerts, readings, exhibitions and parties.