Advance booking started: Pussy Riot live at the NFF

Pussy Riot is a feminist-influenced artists' collective that is now one of the best-known creative ensembles in Russia, and one of the most critical. The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine has once again strengthened their commitment. They donate to a Ukrainian children's hospital and try to mobilise the Russian public against the invasion. Pussy Riot see their art, their sexuality, their criticism of religion as an attempt to transform private life into a political one. This is what their music and performances stand for on the stages of many countries. In this country, these can also be in Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie or in the Dachau concentration camp - always combined with a political-musical-brute art event.

Pussy Riot is coming, live, to Kühlhaus Görlitz! In line with the Focus of this year's Neisse Film Festival, they will give a concert on 27 May. More information and tickets are available here online...