Grass-Roots European Cooperation at a High Cultural Level Neisse Film Festival Honored in Dresden with Saxon Europa Award

Photo source: meeco Communication Services Photo 1 v.l.n.r. EBS honorary president Andrea Dombois MdL, EBS President Martin Modschiedler MdL, Dr. Roland Löffler as well as Ruth Lorenz and Tobias Gubsch from the Neisse Film Festival.

At its last session, the executive committee of the "Saxon European Movement" ("Europäische Bewegung Sachsen e.V./EBS) selected the award-winner of the Saxon Europe Award 2020 from among four candidates. The nomination of the Neisse Film Festival came from the vice-president and director of the Saxon Center for Civic Education (Landeszentrale für politische Bildung), Dr. Roland Löffler. After a lively discussion, the executive committee voted unanimously to present the award to the Neisse Film Festival team.

The Saxon Europa Award comes with €500, provided by the president of the Saxon Landtg, Dr. Matthias RößlerMdL. With this prize, the EBS honors committed dedication to European understanding.

"For years, the Neisse Film Festival has been giving others the awards -- now it is time to recognize the festival team for its work, as well," stated EBS president Martin Modschiedler MdL. "It was therefore a great pleasure to officially present the Saxon European Award alongside EBS honorary president Andrea Dombois MdL and Dr. Löffler, including certificate and check, to Tobias Gubsch as representative of the Kunstbauerkino e.V. managing committee and Ruth Lorenz of the festival leadership team."

In his laudatory speech at the award presentation at the Saxon Landtag in Dresden, Dr. Roland Löffler expresses his appreciation for the work of this film festival:

"Like nearly no other film festival in Germany, the Neisse Film Festival is implementing the idea and vision of Europe and trans-border cooperation. It no longer only draws local audiences, but filmmakers and connoisseurs from all three countries, who have the opportunity here to become acquainted with the newest developments of eastern and central European film." This year approximately 60 films were shown at 20 locations in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, in three competition categories and several thematic series. "Those responsible for the film festival have a talent for bringing various institutions in the community and with that the different facets of human life to a unified whole," continued Dr. Löffler.

"We are surprised, and also thankful, to have been granted the Saxon Europe Award 2020. It is an incentive for us to continue what we have begun in and for Europe," said Gubsch and Lorenz at the awards ceremony. "We would like to invite the members of the European Movement (EBS) to visit our festival themselves in May 2022 and thus get an even deeper look at our work."

The EBS is an umbrella organisation including parties, organisations, associations and other institutions, and was founded on December 15, 1992. It states in its constitution its aim of supporting the European idea in the state of Saxony, and understanding between the peoples of Europe. Since 2003, the EBS has awarded the Saxon Europe Award annually in recognition of special commitment in Saxony for European unity. As member of EBS Germany, the EBS is determined to inform its member organisations of legal, political and other changes at the European level. In order to do this, the association remains in close contact with the respective offices at the Saxon state government as well as the European Union.


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