Focus 2021: Mother Europe

Bild von Thomas B. auf Pixabay

With "Mother Europe" the 18th Neisse Film Festival is placing its focus on that which connects us as Europeans - on the roots of the European idea, on what is characteristic for Europe and what a future for Europe could look like. Since its inception, the Film Festival in the three-country corner on the Neisse River, in its trinational nature, has stood for an open, socially-just and tolerant Europe. Marked differences in living standards, deficits in democracy, and nationalistic tendencies challenge this vision, however, and endanger even freedoms that have long been self-evident and unquestioned. The film festival would like to address this debate with its Focus topic this year with relevant films, readings, exhibitions and concerts, and as a trans-border festival from the very center of Europe, contribute to and invite participation in a discussion within the society.