NFF 2024 - We say Thank You!

NFF team 2024 (® Hannes Rönsch)

The 21st Neisse Film Festival is now history! We had six intense festival days with moving moments in the cinemas and fascinating conversations. We received much positive feedback on our film selection. The three-country-corner on the Neisse River was once again a very special backdrop for personal interactions between audiences and filmmakers, which make a festival what it is. It is our aim and desire to network across the borders right here, in an open and welcoming atmosphere in a decentral, rural region, offering audiences from near and far a cultural highlight and present question-and-answer sessions and discussions on actual current topics in our society.

Special thanks goes, as always, to our many sponsors, partners and supporters, to the translators who have prepared our program and film scripts in three languages and in particular to the - for the most part volunteer - people without whom the festival would not be possible -- and their invaluable help at the festival headquarters and in our venues, with ticket sales and admission, with driving, with catering, and more. Not only the commitment of our team, but also the response of the media (e.g. coverage by MDR Kultur, MDR Sachsen, Radio Lausitz as well as in numerous print and online media sources), the ongoing recognition in the film world and from the side of politics, and the warm reception of our audiences all continue to reinforce us in what we do.

Currently we are already preparing the 22nd round of the Neisse Film Festival, which will take place May 20-25, 2025. We hope that together we can continue the festival's positive development.

Ola Staszel, Andreas Friedrich (festival directors) and the NFF team