Focus 2020: Films for Future

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Under the title "Films for Future", the focus of the 17th Neisse Film Festival is concerned with the actual environmental and eco-political topics such as the exploitation and depletion of natural resources, environmental pollution, human-made climate and structural changes happening, and also takes a look at the environmental movements of the GDR - their transformation in the 1990's, their legacy, their consequences or also their goals, which are being carried on by a wide variety of parties and organisations still today.

The relationship between Nature and Humankind is malfunctioning -- Humans have created societies and economic systems that adhere in a very one-sided way to a growth-diktat, and in doing so are depleting the resources of nature in a ruthless, irresponsible way. We are confronted today with an historical, political and ecological legacy which makes our path to the future difficult. The over-exploitation that humans have carried out is coming back to haunt us. With the festival's location in Lusatia, the topic of the phasing out of brown coal mining is of central significance in current public debate, and shall be discussed within the NFF Focus-Program as well.

This selection of films will be accompanied by a podium discussion on the focus topic, exhibitions and a concert with Dota Kehr.